Thank you for your interest in Dougherty Consulting! I am pleased to offer my clients a variety of services including:  academic, college transition, life, executive function skill, and ADD/ADHD coaching, as well as, special education advocacy and consulting services for adolescent students and individuals in 9th grade through college.   I am located in Lakewood, Colorado. Services are provided by Kris Dougherty, MA.  I look forward to hearing from you!

Benefits of working with Kris Dougherty

Kris Dougherty - ADHD, Teen Life, & Executive Function Coach, Tutor, Advocate, and Educational Consultant
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Mission Statement:

“To empower teens and young adults to discover, develop, and use their strengths and potential in a supportive and non-judgmental environment regardless of real or perceived obstacles.”

Tutoring By Kris Dougherty
ADHD and Teen Life Coaching by Kris Dougherty

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Special Education Advocacy Services by Kris Dougherty