Independent College Advisement and Disability Services


I am available as an independent academic advisor to assist college students and high school juniors and seniors as they transition to college develop course schedules to best support individual learning needs and styles. In addition, I can assist with the transition process in securing academic support services at the college level via disability and student services for those with documented learning disabilities and/or diagnosis that may impact the ability to learn, such as ADHD, TBI, and mental health concerns. Lastly, I can serve as a sounding board if a student is choosing between different college options.

For example, some students work best with all courses on two days while others may need to take courses over an entire week. Some students function best in the morning, while others focus best in the afternoon or evening. In addition, there are a variety of course formats available at the college level: traditional on campus courses, one night per week courses, weekend intensives, and a variety of online formats dependent upon the college or university. It is also important to balance course-load based on the level of difficulty of content and individual strengths and weaknesses, as well as explore areas of interest. Additionally, some students succeed best by starting at the community college level before transitioning to a four-year college away from home.

Accommodations at the college level will vary; however, most will offer alternative test formats and testing centers to allow or extended time, tutoring services, audio versions of textbooks, and note-takers. It is important to keep in mind that the application for these services may take a few months, so it is important to plan ahead and have all documentation in order in relation to formal diagnosis.